The Mobile Life 2.0

Master the Challenge of Moving Somewhere New

Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker
184 pages
14 x 21 cm
Paperback with flaps
€ 17.50
ISBN 978 90 5594 807 9
NUR 600, 740
June 2022

This practical, easy-to-read guide covers the entire process of adjusting to live somewhere new, from deciding to move, to being fully and happily resettled. It helps readers:

  • Understand the impact moving has on one’s identity and self-esteem;
  • Become aware of one’s personal approach to change;
  • Develop a strategy for designing the shape and quality of each family member’s new life even before moving;
  • ·         Master techniques for establishing new social networks, routines and a sense of belonging. 

The inspirational story of 20th century polar explorer Ernest Shackleton highlights skills such as leadership, self-motivation and flexibility, tools that enable readers to proactively adapt to any episode of change in life, personal as well as professional.