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XPat Media provides essential information for expats in the Netherlands

About us

Publisher Bert van Essen and Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Dijkstra are the main forces behind XPat Media.

Working together since 1998, Bert and Stephanie form a steady team that has produced numerous issues of the quarterly magazine The XPat Journal and more than 20 editions of The Holland Handbook. Besides that, Stephanie has edited dozens of other publications and books for XPat Media.
Bert has more than 30 years of experience in the publishing- and graphic design business. Stephanie is also active as a freelance translator and editor for various law firms, consultancies, marketing companies, banks, authors, etc.
XPat Media has an extensive network of freelance writers, editors, journalists, photographers, graphic designers and illustrators. Each with their own unique talent and field of expertise.

Our main goal

Moving to and living in a foreign country is a massive undertaking, requiring an extraordinary amount of energy, knowledge and courage. Even in an expat-friendly culture like the Netherlands, creating a life in a new country can be daunting: how do you find housing, deal with the healthcare system, operate a business, raise children, have fun? How do you go from surviving, to a comfortable quality of life?
That's where XPat Media comes in.

Since 1999, we have been providing essential expat information through various on- and offline media channels: the website, the annually-revised Holland Handbook, as well as various other books and magazines. Our clearly-written and well-researched articles have helped tens of thousands of members of the international community over the years find their way in this country.

Our publishing services

Besides developing our own publications, we can help you create really amazing books – celebrating events, buildings, milestones, organizations and environments. Have you always wanted to produce your own in-house magazine?
XPat Media advises on all aspects of book- and magazine publishing – text writing, graphic design, text editing, printing, advertising, marketing, distribution – to help realize this desire.

Recent cases

Connections - magazine for the International School of Amsterdam
RISSUE -  magazine for the Rotterdam International Secondary School
Innovative - coffee table book about the making of the European Patent Office's new building in the Netherlands

Our partners

Thanks to the support of many loyal content partners, advertisers, and distributors, XPat Media has been able to provide their expanding international audience with essential information on living, working and studying in the Netherlands.